3 Reasons why you need to switch to Natural Cleaning products

3 Reasons why you need to switch to Natural Cleaning products

We’re all aware of the Air Pollution and poor AQI impacting our overall health. But what about Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)?

A study reported by NCBI states that nearly a 4.3million people die every year because of household (indoor) air pollution. Isnt that horrifying?

Well, numerous researches have shown that various synthetic sprays, personal products, perfumes, paints, cleaning agents, contribute to Indoor Air pollution. It not just affects human health but can even affect a growing fetus [1]. And one of the biggest contributors of VOCs is the synthetic cleaning agents that we use. 

Why do we need to switch to Natural cleaning products?

What do you look for when you buy household cleaning supplies? 200 times stronger, one-on-one offers, less expensive, and claims like, kills 99.9% germs, 4X whiter, right?

But did you know that many synthetic cleaning products, in order to be stronger & effective, contain several toxins? This is the reason why we need to opt for Plant-Based cleaning products, like for a clean and pure home. PUER has Natural, toxin-free home care and personal care products.

Why do you need to try PUER Homecare products?

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PUER homecare products have been scientifically formulated and are derived from nature. I have been using PUER’s multiple products to keep my environment free of harsh chemicals and for a safer home.

PUER All-Purpose Cleaner : 

One of my best companions that keeps all my porous and no-porous surfaces clean is PUER All-Purpose Cleaner. Be it table tops, kitchen counter, almirahs, mirrors, high-touch surfaces, one swipe with this cleaner removes all the dirt and stains and makes me a worry-free mom.

Why this all-purpose cleaner is my cleaning buddy?

  • It is non-toxic and plant-based. It does not have bleach, sulfate-based surfactants, or ammonia, thus giving me and my family a safe indoor environment.
  • It is effective in removing stains, because of the presence of biodegradable surfactants.
  • It can be used on almost all surfaces, which eases my life.
  • The brand claims that it kills 99.99% of germs* (*Basis germ-kill study in an independent lab)

When you gotta such an effective cleaner, that too plant-based, why not switch to it for a healthy life?

PUER Liquid Detergent:

For the longevity of my clothes, I use PUER, an all-natural liquid detergent. Just add 1 cap for the regular load (and 1+1/2 cap for dirty load) and let this natural detergent do the rest. Unlike harsh detergents, it keeps our clothes soft and doesn’t ruin them.

Reasons, why I love PUER Liquid Detergent:

  • It is plant-based it has an effective stain removal mechanism
  • Keeps the color and quality of clothes intact, removing dirt with effective cleaning.
  • The fragrance is soothing.
  • Neutralizes sweaty and stinky odors effectively.
  • Being a mom, I know how important it is to use a good stain removal detergent. I’m glad that PUER’s natural detergent fights 30+ stains and maintains whites for up to 30+ washes. Isn’t that great?
  • It has no bleach, No SLES, and it has plant-based bio-enzymes for efficacy.

This makes PUER’s all-natural Liquid Detergent, a perfect buddy for my clothes.

PUER’s Dishwashing gel and floor cleaner are great options for green cleaning products. Because the product is natural and free of harsh chemicals, it is super effective. What else do I ask for?

Reasons why you should opt for Natural plant-based cleaning products:

Today, the need is to opt for natural, plant-based cleaning products that are devoid of any harsh chemicals.

1. Family Safety:

Well, clean, green, and natural cleaners, like PUER home care solutions, are safer choices, as they are hypo-allergenic. Natural products release fewer chemicals, which means that there will be fewer chances of health risks for children and adults equally. Using natural soaps, natural dishwashing liquids will also keep your skin protected and it won’t be exposed to chemicals in the cleaning products.

2. Environment-friendly:

Opting for clean and green cleaning products will limit the number of harmful chemicals released in the environment, thus improvising the air quality. Thus using green cleaning products are a safer option for our planet as well.

3. Safe for our possessions:

Since green products are devoid of harsh chemicals, they are often non-corrosive. Hence the lifespan of our prized possessions like furniture will always be better.


It’s time to make a switch, for ourselves and Mother Earth! Let’s not compromise on holistic goodness and health, when clean and green products can be delivered right at your doorstep!

Why should you switch to natural cleaning products for home? PUER's range of plant-based , natural home care and cleaning solutions #PUER #naturalproducts #plantbased #liquid detergent #naturalcleaner #toxinfree




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  1. Alpana Deo

    You are right Jhilmil. Using natural cleaning products is our fraction towards Mother Nature. We have some other brands here and I try to use them as much as possible.

  2. Surbhi Prapanna

    I am hearing a lot about PUER cleaning products all across the web. and got impressed with their unique features that are good for our family and environment both. will check out their website to know more about their range of products.

  3. Gurjeet Chhabra

    I heard a lot about puer cleaning products and i am planning to use it. I agree with you, we should use natural cleaning products rather than chemical one.

  4. Judy Morris

    I am hearing rave reviews about Puer products of lately., I think Puer all purpose cleaner is a great one as it is natural and non-toxic plus it kills 99.9% germs.

  5. Anahita Irani

    We all need to care in a small way and should begin from our homes. Opting for green plant based cleaners is the least we can do. Kudos on this brilliant post

    1. Sneha

      Plant based cleaners are my go to because they ate not chemical based and sustainable and good for environment, and best is it cleans your house effectively

  6. Cindy Dsilva

    I have heard of these products just recently but haven’t known anyone use them. Good to know the benefits of using natural products. Will check them out.

  7. Neha Tambe

    Correct. I did try puer products and found them very effective. I liked their clothes washing liquid. A product that is effective and safe for the planet is a perfect combination.

  8. Sumita Mallick

    Totally agree with you jhilmil. More over Family safety is really important. I did try puer products too and found these are super effective. Thanks for sharing

  9. Afreen Ansari

    Woww seems like a great alternative to normal ones. The benefits are quite important especially in today’s time. Looks like a great product to try

  10. Been. Hearing out great reviews for puer and the goodness their products offer to us and the planet. I think making a switch will definitely have its benefits

  11. The Champa Tree

    Puer products never disappoint. They have a wide range products which completes household cleaning leads.

  12. MeenalSonal

    Using products that have natural ingredients has been my conscious choice since few years. And PUER has all factors to have them in the home for all cleaning purposes.

  13. Neha Sharma

    Just the other day I was discussing with my mom about making a shift to natural cleaning products. I was supposed to look for some brands online but then it completely slipped my mind. Thanks for sharing about Puer, the products look really good. I will check these out.

  14. Nidhi Narang Narang

    Puer product are best no doubt..they are many benefits of this product..thank you for sharing

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