Its time to learn from Children!

Its time to learn from kids, its time to learn the same love and innocence, creativity and smiles, back from our tiny souls! #timetolearn #learn #unlearn #kidslove #momslove #motherhood #innocentkids #purelove #love

As we grow with the years, our thoughts, mindsets, belief’s, all change basis the environment we see. Our personality is more or less the outcome of our learnings and it consistently evolves. As I entered in my 30’s and after becoming a mama, I could see lot of changes in my thoughts, I wanted the world to be a better place to live in and yes for this I sought my own contribution and started my learnings from my child.

Though responsibilities, ambitions, must needed tag of “best mama” & “a great better half” run the minds frequently, but somewhere, I feel, we just need to unlearn. Unlearn most of our thoughts, our self – appointed reminders and sometimes just be the “undiscovered self”! And as I moved with my mama life, I realized, I had so much to imbibe from a tiny soul, from my lil boy to cherish this life.

For the reason, to get that impish laugh, to have that innocent cuddle, to dismiss the negative thoughts, to smile in small deeds, to be creative in limited resources.

We, as parents, in the process of making kids master the world, forget that we ourselves need to learn things from our kids.

And here are somethings, I pledge to “earn” back from my child :

1. Small Happiness :

We seek happiness in huge achievements, but forget that life is beautiful even with all the imperfection.

“As my son coloured Red, green, yellow and pink in his tree, all excited, he stated that my tree is so colourful, with all the thrill. And I was wondering as how the green tree became so colourful. As I was trying to make him perfect with green, I grasped and loved that he rejoiced the feeling of being colourful more than a monotonous green.

He sought a small happiness in something which I never thought, since we were seeking something called “perfection”.

Yes, I wish to learn this from my son! Instead of googling ways to be happy, I wanna revive back into the small wonders which life has given me.

2. True Love :

None can beat the true love which kids can always boast off. They don’t know who a poor is, they don’t know who an enemy is. What they know is Love beyond discrimination. They will play with any kid who is on the ground, playing. They will want to relish an ice cream with any kid over the parlour. They will laugh with any kid who is laughing, all without any bias-ness, racism or any selfish intentions.

We as adults have been adulterated, we seek our interests first and then love others. Bragging, self centricity, pulling others down, this world seems to be full of narcissistic people. But then that’s what I wish to learn from my child. Laugh with the one who laughs, play with the one who plays, eat the sweet mango and fill the soul with that sweetness. Bother not of the hard stone inside the sweet fruit!

Its time to learn from kids, its time to learn the same love and innocence, creativity and smiles, back from our tiny souls! #timetolearn #learn #unlearn #kidslove #momslove #motherhood #innocentkids #purelove #love

3. Trust and optimism :

Last day, while dropping my son to school, I saw a boy with bag running on the road. “I wanted to teach my son, that he was doing wrong. It is not right to run on the road. While he went on to tell me that mama, there was no one to drop that boy to school and he was getting late. Since the road was empty with no vehicles, he was running, though carefully and slowly. When there will be vehicles, he will definitely stop and start walking.”

I re-thought, my lil 3.5 year old was right, he had imagined what I did not even think off. He had that trust in the boy, he didn’t even knew. We, as adults conclude right or wrong too early, without thinking of the reason, why other person would have opted for any route.

What I went on to learn from my son, was not to conclude anything and never put a person in the frame. There is a reason behind every action, and why not take that optimistically!

4. Creativity :

It seems growing up is indirectly proportional to creativity. With the growing trajectory, imaginations somehow get lost gradually. Our grey matters needs juggling all the time to step and create something out of the box. But these kids, they are always up with new ideas, imaginations and creativity on their plates.

Leave kids with minimalistic resources and then look at their imaginations. This is what I wish to revive back, to let free the strings of the neurons and allow them to shuffle, kick and grind harder than ever. And see the magic of weird yet sensible imaginations once again. I wish to set free the bounded pre determined thoughts and cherish the new imagination.

5. Be Carefree at times :

I know most of us wish to have a decent, sincere, studious child. But what if that naughtiness of a child gets buried so early? We smile, laugh due to those naughty eyes. We love them more due to their cheeky behaviours at times and naught kids are loved all the more. They’re more extrovert and more social. So, why not imitate their behaviours, at times.

Sometimes, when I ask my child, where is your water bottle, he answers with full smile, I lost it in school. And he runs back laughing. And this has happened hundreds of times. Does that sounds funny? Kids love being carefree, and that’s what we as adults, should practise some times. Due to our responsibilities, we are loaded with ample of “Do this and not That”.  Its completely OKAY not to get up early one day to fulfil those set of responsibilities. Feel happiness in that carefree attitude.

Its time to learn from kids, its time to lear the same love and innocence, creativity and smiles, back from our tiny souls! #timetolearn #learn #unlearn #kidslove #momslove #motherhood #innocentkids #purelove #love

So Cheat from kids and Smile, Smile and smile!

Indeed, kids smiles are infectious. Their laughs are irresistible ! Think of the last time when you gave your cheek and jaw bones a good exercise, I really mean a GOOD ONE! If at one instance my son is crying, within a moment he is all with outbursts of laugh, really transmitting the positive vibes all around. Yes, we need to forget “what others will think” and give a good laugh and create happiness around in the world.

We really need to learn and earn the cheerful innocence, again, from our Children!

Hola mama’s and daddy’s, what do you think of it? I somehow see lots of positiveness around my child and felt so hard that I wrote up my feelings for you all. Do share me your thoughts in the comments section!

Till then,

Keep Smiling





Quest to live the life surrounded with the charming little bundle's of joy. When they speak, I sing, When they smile, I rejoice , When they hug, I hold them never to lose, Such is my passion for these Gifts of God.This love urged me to navigate separately from my Travel Blog & establish an "All-In-One" Blog for budding mothers. Mum's have multi-tasked this world ,with all her professional commitments , she still makes an extra effort to be a loving, caring and be an intellectual mommy! Cheers, for me too come from the same fraternity, post having a superb academics & close to 8 years of professional experience and blessed with a little one "who has indeed changed my life from Autumn to Spring";)

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  1. Mrinal Kiran

    Children get happy with every small thing and take out their pain in every small thing too! We need to learn a lot from them!

  2. rohinijames

    Children are the light of the world. Their trust and carefree attitude is a lesson for all of who are cynical and sceptical in the day and age. We need to learn from them.

  3. Namrata Kumari

    Sometimes kids teach us so many things we actually start ignoring. I wish I could become a kid again and stay as innocent as they are.

  4. Deborah Miranda

    I guess most mothers will relate to this. Kids have a charm to make you realise many things that have been here all the while just not appreciated.

  5. Akanksha

    That’s such a lovely post and tips for fellow parents. We get to learn so many things from our kids and this is the best thing we can take!

  6. Princy Khurana

    there is so much to learn from children every day. i have been a parent for allmost 9 years now, with 2 kids, it seems like i learn something new everyday. adorable pictures !

  7. Such a beautiful article. The innocence of a child is what I always yearn to achieve, always have. And now being a mother I learn from my daughter everyday. She teaches me this and so much more.

  8. preetjyotkaur

    Oh i absolutely resonate with this. We get to learn so much from our kids everyday. Being happy in the toughest of the situations is something that we all must learnl

  9. Sayeri

    Do you know when I use to see my old school pic… I can feel the difference, its not only the age its the innocence. I also love my son’s company because of the unnecessary laugh, innocence and love. I want to get back that innocence and I know for all moms, our child is the best gift ever for us.

  10. expatdiariesk

    Aww aww at all those mommy emotions, u know I used to just read on to these articles and feel nothing previously but now that I ama mommy myself I feel every word and understand almost all the emotions behind those words.. loved the cute pictures and all those lil tips tht may b we all know already but never practice :*

  11. Mummasaurus

    this is such a heart warming read. Indeed, our own lives and sometimes the lives of our children – we callously take it all for granted. I love how you’ve correlated aspects and definitely made sense! lovely read.

  12. Roy S

    Had a smile while reading this. This post reminds of happy faces of children. Just looking at them smiling can make anyone smile. Children are the gift of god. Their pure heart can teach us many lessons. We elders are so busy chasing materialistic happiness that we have forgotten to enjoy small things. Hopefully one day we will learn from children and be happy again. Thanks 🙂

    1. Jhilmil

      Indeed, there is so much for us to learn from them. I’m so happy that I try my best to learn from my lil munchkin and all of this brings a wave of optimism in me. Thanks

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