Rejuvenate your Home this festive season

Get your home a makeover with trendy interiors

Coming back home to a family, relaxing, feeling loved, grabbing some good bites is indeed the best feeling. And this has been aptly said that “Home is not a place, it is a feeling”.  Home is made up of hopes, dreams and lots of love and that is the reason of this magical feeling.

The basic element of any home is the furniture, decor, electronic appliances that we need for a comfortable living. Being a corporate professional myself, I had to change numerous cities in my stint of 9 years, precisely 3 cities. To set up a beautiful home (Not house) with a soul into it involved a lot of work from my side.

Rent Furniture or Rent Appliances from CityFurnish. If you are relocating, looking for temporary stays, renovating, setting up your dream house with some real comfy decors at reasonable prices, then renting furniture or appliances makes a perfect sense for you. #Rental #renting #rentalservices #furniture #rentfurniture #rentappliances #onrent #cityfurnish

The dilemma of buying “New” :

Being a trend lover, making up my home beautiful was always on top of my mind. And believe me, a lovely functional furniture, electronic items are more than essential. But they cost a bomb man! More so when you look out for some excellent quality along with the looks. At times the dilemma of space crunch, budgets, new markets, limited time hovers around and we are left to settle at something much lower than our real expectations.

Not just when you are in a transferrable job, once you are settled with new home or even renovating your existing home, doing the interiors, tapping on the trendy furniture and decor seems to be most time consuming. And that’s the reason why this sharing economy is growing.

Renting, should that be an option?

People these days are moving to a shared economy, be it renting fashionable outfits or property or furniture and appliances. And why not, when you have so many lucrative options in hand. 

Are you a “change freak” like me? I’m kinda person who loves small changes around me as monotony sets in way too easily. And so Renting seems a perfect option.

Well, I would say renting furniture and appliances is not way too cheap (although cheaper than buying most of the times). But when you have the perks of Free cleaning, maintenance, Free Relocations, options to change and upgrade, then you’re game for it! You can get complete packages for your Living/Dining rooms as well. Buying the same involves shelling out a lot of money in one go. In renting you can continue to earn interest on your hard earned money. And one such service, I tapped recently was CityFurnish, which is committed towards Furniture on rent, Appliances on rent.

What is CityFurnish?

CityFurnish is a Quality Furniture and home appliances provider on easy Monthly rentals. With their quality products, quantum of bundled services, easy processes, and trendy designs, they are gaining consumer’s faith multiple folds. With services available in 10 cities continuously expanding, CityFurnish is an apt choice. Cities where they are available are – Bangalore, Pune, Gurugram, Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai. CityFurnish is coming soon to Hyderabad and Chennai.

Benefits of Renting from CityFurnish :

So if you are relocating, looking for temporary stays, renovating, setting up your dream house with some real comfy decors at reasonable prices, then renting furniture or appliances makes a perfect sense for you.

Wide variety :

You have ample options to chose from for your home. Be it home or office furniture with quality upholstery, electronics (LED TV, Washing Machines, Refrigerator, Water, Air Purifiers) and even your fitness/workout products (Treadmill, Exercise Bike), you can get all under one roof.   

High Quality :

Their products are designed to cater to your needs, sturdy enough.

Rent Furniture or Rent Appliances from CityFurnish. If you are relocating, looking for temporary stays, renovating, setting up your dream house with some real comfy decors at reasonable prices, then renting furniture or appliances makes a perfect sense for you. #Rental #renting #rentalservices #furniture #rentfurniture #rentappliances #onrent #cityfurnish

Free Relocation :

You won’t have the heavy burden of maintaining the furniture, paying big bucks to packers, every time you shift. Your rented items will be relocated for free by CityFurnish.

Ease of Expenses :

With easy RMI (Rental Monthly Instalments), renting out seems    way too easy on pockets. Also, we get to earn the interest from the savings, as the lump sum investment demanded by purchasing these items has been negated.

Free Upgrade :

Festival time? Celebration at home? You can upgrade to new and innovative designs for those refreshing moments, every year. And hola! Delivery and installation is all free. Changing the furniture, appliances, gives a rejuvenating look to your home. And thanks to rental services, which makes it really easier.

Rent to Buy option :

If you loved your rented product and plan to have a permanent base, then opt for Rent to buy option with a great deal in hand.

Cleaning Services :

An additional service which CityFurnish provides, you can avail one free cleanup for your furniture and upholstery.

All you need to do is to explore their individual products or clubbed packages. Post selecting, finalize your rental tenure, add products to the cart, pay the rental & security deposit and relax. You’ll soon receive your whish-listed trendy yet durable products. Isn’t that easy to rent furniture and rent appliances, of your choice?

“Home is where the heart is, keep your hearts beating with your choices, without any compromise!”

Rent Furniture or Rent Appliances from CityFurnish. If you are relocating, looking for temporary stays, renovating, setting up your dream house with some real comfy decors at reasonable prices, then renting furniture or appliances makes a perfect sense for you. #Rental #renting #rentalservices #furniture #rentfurniture #rentappliances #onrent #cityfurnish


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  1. Deepali Soam

    Wow..that’s an awesome way of decorating home within budget.

  2. Hi, Very nice article and good attractive images has been used in the article, thanks for sharing the information.

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    Wow some very good option city furnish has been offering. This will make our lifestyle way more easier
    #myfriendalexa #dewreads

  4. Akanksha

    It’s such a great idea for anyone looking to upgrade at a budget or for those who shift to a new city for work etc. They need not compromise on furniture and all due to limited budget. Thanks for sharing xx

  5. Mrinal Kiran

    This is a great concept… Instead of buying we can just rent… That would save resources when we want to upgrade… Plus it is a boon for those who keep shifting or relocating due to jobs!

  6. BellyBytes

    Thank God I’m over and done with all this. In my times things were easier – we simply had no options. Either take what you get or forget it. You people of this generation are really lucky.

  7. Shraddha Bhalla

    This is great for people who relocate on per project basis.
    All the requirements are met and you don’t need to own anything, so selling it at a later point is not a hassle.

  8. Ankita

    This has become auchba convenience these days. I have been the victim of the exact situation. New city,no idea where to go, not wanting to invest too much and ended up buying crap!

  9. richa mina

    it’s great for people with transferable jobs. renting is a very good option. saves a lot on transfers.

  10. Humaira

    Amazing and beautiful post. Cityfurnish is the trusted brand and e-rental services are quite affordable. Renting furniture and home appliances are the best options. Great thoughts.

  11. Deepali Dhabu

    Have recently shifted from mumbai to delhi and guess what this was the perfect guiding article for me . Love the detailing you mentioned . It will be of great help

  12. Sejal Khanna

    What a great concept. Especially when you dont plan on staying at one place for too long and moving houses becomes a challenge.

  13. Mariyam

    renting furniture is a great idea when you’re one of those people who shift cities frequently 🙂

  14. smitha

    it’s so good, for all the one who keeps changing they jobs..
    this is so beautiful, love to visit once…

  15. Manpreet

    I think renting furniture is a great idea, especially if you’re not permanently settling at a place. It saves money and work.

  16. Disha

    This is a blessing for people like me who dont shift cities frequently and can dont believe in buying too much stuff. Will check it out now.

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    That’s really a great option instead of buying we can rent furniture. It’s specially cool for people who keeps shifting cities

  18. Princy Khurana

    this is an amazing option for families like us, who keep moving every 3-4 hours. taking furniture from city to city is really a head ache.

  19. U K

    City Furnish is offering some awesome and jaw-dropping options. I am looking forward to using this soon. 🙂


  20. Siddhi

    In an urbane setup where switching pads is quite common, this is by far the most easiest option available. I especially love the rent to buy feature.

  21. Trisha Biswas

    Wow. THis is great for people who changes their job frequently. Renting furniture is a great option

  22. Nausheen

    Wow City furnish is offering some cool offer this festive season. Love that they are giving feee Delivery and installation.

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    Renting furniture is a concept that millennials are in love with. Thank you for writing this one. #MyFriendAlexa #MayuraReads

  24. Sonam

    Renting furniture is a great option nowadays. The freedom to change when you get bored, the kind of variety you get. It’s amazing! Gone are the days when furniture lasted for decades.

  25. Ruchi Verma

    Such a great options and available and this festival season we can actually give a new look to our home.

  26. Nidhi KM

    Renting furniture is a great option these days. You can pick up the stuff of your choice and also they come very reasonable money wise.

  27. Varsh

    Isn’t it ideal to decorate and redecorate our home over and over again without having to worry about storage? People on the go will benefit hugely with this.

  28. Neha Jain

    Wow that’s awesome, I would love to get my home decor now

  29. Esha Chakraborty

    Hmm…. Very interesting… I have been a little wary of this this renting furniture stuff… Now I am intrigued… Will find out more looks like a good alternative

  30. Hema

    Renting seems to be a new option. It is fun to try it out, you can always replace it and get a new one based on the changing trend. Cool idea

  31. Purva Bhatia

    The furniture we had at our home while I was growing up, was almost two decades old! It looked so boring. This option of renting furniture is fabulous for those who love changing the interiors often.

  32. Reetuparna Saha

    Renting home furniture must be fun given that we get to choose among so many varieties and keep changing when we get bored. I will certainly check out Cityfurnish!

  33. Jiya

    Renting furniture is a new concept in market. Will try and get some nice garden or outdoor furniture for winters from cityfurnish.

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    Wow tats so trendy and cool way of decorating with a reasonable cost.. Love the idea thanks for sharing

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    wow, these are some awesome ideas within budget. City furnish is really a great option to try out.

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    The Magnificent ways to make the dreary home look rejuvenated are indeed exemplary. Simple and economical approach to creating a vibrant feel good factor helps the readers to get going without burning a hole in the pocket.

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    Wow! These look great. I think my house could definitely use some touch up right now!

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    I think renting furniture is a great Idea. So anyone can give a nice makeover to their nest. City Furnish also provides added services which is a bonus.

  39. Airene

    This is a great option for people who moves often or wants to have their own base but not sure about the products they want to have- they can try them by renting those. renting furnitures is a great option.

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    i was so looking for some information like this for this ganesh chaturthi, thank you for sharing

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    Renting furniture is always a Great idea for someone who moves now and then. Thanks for sharing such informative post.

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    Rent appliances and furniture always good idea new and good for business.

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    Article at its best!! Renting is always beautiful over buying for people who are frequently on wheels.

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