Why women need to excel in Money Management?

Why women need to excel in Money Management?

Women are bad when it comes to “Managing Money”, that’s a standard cliché, isn’t it? Women are more involved in browsing makeup and fashion sites, buying trendy wear, they are more concerned about their nails and hair. While men are (father/husband character) more into serious things, reading ET and business magazines, checking stocks, attending business webinars, doing Money Management.

Whether you believe or not, even an Investment banker will ask about probable Investment avenues to your father, brother, or husband. Whereas, when it comes to managing birthday parties, planning meal menus, or attending kids’ events, a woman is approached. And this has become a norm, even if a woman is working and has a decent earning. It is often assumed that a woman needs a husband to manage her finances, but this isn’t a joke.

Women handling finances and playing their role in Money Management is very important. Learn why we as women need to be Financially Literate #financialliteracy #moneymanagement #womenandfinance #financialdecision #decisionmaker #investmentoptions

I’m an MBA in Finance and Marketing, and I’ve been well settled into my corporate life on managerial positions. There were years in the past when my earning was higher than my better half. Having all the traits of a modern woman, be it a good education, or my own identity, a good working experience across top corporates, my side of the story was different. Before marriage and until I became a mom, I was actively involved in keeping myself updated with new financial instruments, checking our investment plants, doing fundamental and technical analysis, maintaining excels, and budgeting. Yes, I loved doing it and also felt responsible.

But gradually, I found myself involved in other “important” tasks, and eventually lost my interest in Money management. I let my husband do the investments and my father working on the taxation part. I started to have more faith in my husband’s skill when it came to finances (or call it my lack of interest). The result was, our discussions around investments and budget plans entered into the “rare” category, as we didn’t discuss them more than once in a quarter. At times, it stretched more than this time frame.

I’ve observed that for many people around us, money is an emotionally charged issue.

Having money in their control makes them feel powerful and a woman easily accepts this, more so when in a relationship. But in this millennial era, where women are CEOs, entrepreneurs, and fighting for issues like gender pay gaps, they need to be financially smart and independent. We need to keep ourselves aware of varied investment avenues, our retirement planning (it ain’t too early, believe me), and saving goals.

Understanding this, early this year, I got myself involved in Finances to keep myself abreast of varied financial avenues. I didn’t want myself to be a woman, whose life is only around kids, food, and health. I was good at finances and it was my turn to relook into our budgets and savings.

It wasn’t difficult! Learning the new options, understanding and reframing our goals, as the global recession hits, made me a confident person once again. Budgeting, prioritizing finances and savings are women-friendly, you just need to step out from your comfort zone for once.

This prompted me to start writing on Financial Literacy for women and making them financially smart. I asked my followers on Social media (check the post below) and I’ll soon share the outcome and answers in my next post.

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Women are bad when it comes to "Managing Money", that’s a standard cliché , isn’t it? Women are more involved in buying dresses👗 , more concerned about their nails and hair. While men are (aka the father / husband character) more into serious things, reading ET, checking stocks, doing Money Management . Okay, so I’m MBA (Gold Medallist) in Finance and Marketing, and Finance is something I’ve enjoyed, due to ample exposure into budgeting and revenues during my corporate stint. I have all the traits of a modern woman, a good education, my own identity, worked across top corporates, and financially independent. And I’m sure that must the story of many here . 👉But, when it comes to money management, I let my husband do it. I was completely involved into investments, fundamental and technical analysis, financial planning, right from the day I started working until I became a mom. Gradually, I found myself more involved in other "important” tasks and lost my interest towards Money management . 👉I started to have more faith in my husband's skill when it came to finances (or call it my lack of interest). And as a result, our discussions around our investments and plans entered into the “rare”category (hardly once a quarter) . ✨But starting this year, I pledged to actively get involved into Finances and keep myself abreast of varied Financial avenues. Well, it wasn’t too difficult due to my education and past experience. The result? I feel more confident while budgeting, priotizing finances and saving . 👉So, today, I would like to know from you’ll (do answer in comments) 1⃣Do you jointly manage finances or simply let your father/husband own this? 2⃣Do you feel that men are better at managing finances? . . . . . . . . . #moneymantrawithJhilmil #financialplanning #moneymanagement #moneytips #moneymoves #financialblogger #financialliteracy #financialeducation #beaware #womeninbusiness #womenandmoney #moneymotivation #savingmoney #savingstips #debtfreejourney #debtfreegoals #investmentopportunities #learnmore #mommyinme

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There will be a lot more coming on the Money Management aspect on my blog and social media, so stay tuned.

Well, if Men buy shares from Mars, then women can trade in digital currencies on Venus;)

Don’t let yourself get trapped under these patriarchal thoughts and absurd clichés, which narrate that women are bad with money. Believe in yourself and set goals for financial success. You are no less than men, read, learn, discuss, and have a look at your portfolio. Govern your own investments. 


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  1. Khushboo

    I agree with you we should believe in ourself and set goals for financial success.

  2. Shreemayee Chattopadhyay

    Being a single mother and the earning member of my family I have to see the financial side myself. Before it was a tough task, but now I can say that it’s a task that women can easily handle. Is there anything actually that women can’t manage?

  3. Vashi Baloria

    I almost thought you are talking about me. It holds so true in my case; i leave it to my partner to invest n stuff. But i learnt so much in this post. But if need be i can definitely do a good job in this.

  4. Asfa

    Only category that I can’t handle is money department cant get anything in my head with changing times I so believe that we need to step up the game of accountability and learn to use it wisely.

  5. Sandy N Vyjay

    I think women do make better money managers. There is a natural penchant that makes them good at it, whether at home or in the corporate sector.

  6. Roma

    I loved your post and since I am a banker’s daughter I take keen interest in our financial planning though I agree I have to increase my executional involvement.

  7. Mrinal Kiran

    Financial independence is very important for women! Loved reading this post! I will be looking forward to more!

  8. Snigdha

    I think in most of the cases women can manage money better. By the way financial independency is very important.

  9. Dr Bushra

    Agree Managing money not only brings confidence also a sense of financial independence. Women should not underestimate their skills

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